Shambolic Soul album out

Shambolic Soul is here!

Swedish jazz singer Monica Zetterlund lost her tapes in 1960 – Where as Shambolic soul singer / songwriter and producer, Anna Maria Hedman – the maker of Alma Nofear, simply lost track of time for nearly a decade.

Most of the labour on this album was done in phase one: 2008-2013. That including songwriting, performing and recording in a studio in Stoke Newington, London.

Phase two: 2013-2022 was like a long birth of procrastination, like making a bed in a new place after emigrating and getting lost in the sheets of family making until the time was ready..  

Now here it is:

Shambolic Soul back cover

Back cover
Shambolic Soul album cover
Alma Nofear / Shambolic Soul 2022

About the album:

This is work from woman’s view, looking both backward and forward in time. 

Experiences of sorrow and joy, freedom, the many ways to love and being in the lost and found section of life.

All whilst questioning whether you can dis-join the circus if you are born in the midst of it? 

In fact it was the levitation from the dark Swedish north to London; with a touched ground in Mexico, that made it possible to make these songs, of course with the help and inspiration from friends, lovers, nursery rhymes and traditional songs. 

These songs are from source, with memories of a young heart – at times breathless from emotions.

This time accompanied by great musicians that translates the stories Alma Nofear sings of, into a personal circus everyone is invited to.

In hope tp fit a genre it was initially thought to be jazz, but truthfully it’s better described as Shambolic Soul.

Hunt for Love single out!

Hunt for Love

is a song about dating in a big city, it is about choices and the constant feeling that someone better could be waiting just around the corner. 

The fear of settling for someone, the never ending effect of flirting and hitchhiking with thumbs up towards LOVE, wherever it might take you.

Artist bio:

Alma Nofear is a soul diva with shambolic force, a nerve stricken performer who intrigues her audience with her uniquely toy-like voice filled with a weight and twist that belies a cruelty or misguided pleasure.

Find Hunt for Love here:                                                                                                         

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